First Ever 'Miss Wheelchair Mexico' Pageant Contestants Strive For The Crown And Equality

For the first time, Mexico has held a 'Miss Wheelchair' pageant in a bid to raise awareness for the inclusion of disabled persons in the country.

Teresa Cruz, a contestant from the State of Michoacan, travelled to Coatzcoalcos in the Veracruz state,  for the event "for inclusion".

"So that we're heard and we also reiterate that we have dreams, that we have emotions and we're people just like anyone else," Cruz told Reuters.

The new pageant included a classic choreographed dance. Photo: Reuters

"Just that we're in wheelchairs but that makes no difference to continue living a full and normal life."

Pageant participants sparkled as they danced on stage and competed in categories like casual dress, traditional dress and gala outfits.

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Lilia Manriquez represented the State of Yucatan which she said has a high rate of people with disabilities.

"I think it's important that women are made visible because inclusion and more culture is needed throughout Mexico," she told Reuters.

The winner will now compete for a world title. Photo: Reuters

"More women's participation is needed because we talk a lot about conventional women but I think we talk very little about women in wheelchairs, so let's raise awareness about this contest."

Judges crowned Karen Ross the winner of the inaugural pageant.

Ross will travel to Paris next year and compete as Mexico's representative in Miss Wheelchair World.