Psychologist Faces Jail After Allegedly Having Sex With 'Vulnerable' Patient

A psychologist who allegedly had sex with her vulnerable patient during their US $200 sessions is facing 15 years in prison.

Johanna Lee Lamm, a 43-year-old psychologist from Minnesota, was charged with felony-level criminal sexual conduct after allegedly engaging in a four-month-long sexual relationship with her client.

Police were initially responding to a complaint from Lamm alleging her client had sexually assaulted her, according to the criminal complaint and as reported by Fox.

She told police her client would say they were having an affair and handed over her phone -- with most texts deleted.

When police spoke with the man, who is listed as a vulnerable man, he handed over his phone, which had messages and audio recordings.

He told police Lamm charged him US $200 ($293) per session.

Photo: Facebook.psychologist

After executing a search warrant, police found evidence the pair were engaged in a consensual relationship, which sexual encounters occurring during the sessions over several months.

Lamm later admitted she was not sexually assaulted.

Her website says she works with individuals "struggling with life transitions and adjustments", as well as a range of mental health issues and traumas, including sexual abuse.

"Each individual has an important story to tell, and, as an empathetic, genuine therapist, I listen with compassion and offer my observations, insights, or simply my reflective silence," her website reads.

She is now facing a possible 15 years in prison and a US $30,000 fine.