Funeral Congregation Left In Stitches After Message From Beyond The Grave

An Irish man has had the last laugh during his own funeral.

As a funeral congregation gathered to watch a casket be lowered into a grave in Ireland, a recording from the deceased man was played to the mourners.

A video of the burial was uploaded to Reddit.

'Hello",  the recording began, before a series of knocks were heard.

"Let me out."

The recording seemed to be coming from beyond the grave. Image: Reddit

At this point, the congregation started to laugh as they realised the humourous message was coming from beyond the grave.

"Where the f*** am I," the man said next.

"Let me out it's f***ing dark in here.

"Is that the priest I can hear?"

The camera then showed the casket where the recording appeared to be coming from, before it panned to the congregation, who were in stitches by this point.

After asking "Who's there", the man began singing "Hello again, hello again," to the joy of the congregation.

Other Reddit users saw the funny side of a usually sombre occasion. Image: Reddit

Users on Reddit saw the funny side of a usually sombre event.

"I wish I was so full of life people laugh at my funeral. What a beautiful idea to keep people happy,' one said.

"Laughter does help a lot when dealing with grief," said another.

The congregation can't contain their giggles as the recording is played. Image: Reddit

The event is reminiscent of a popular Irish folk song called 'Finnegan's Wake' (which the classic James Joyce novel is named after), which tells the story of a man thought to be dead but 'wakes' during a party before his burial.

The Irish Wake has a long history in the Emerald Isle, and was traditionally used to make sure the person was actually dead.

The time spent watching over the body was to ensure the person did not 'wake' and would have otherwise been buried alive.