Plane Dangles After Crashing Into Ski Lift, Pilot Thrown Onto Wing

A plane was left dangling from the cables of a ski lift, with a terrified pilot waiting to be rescued, following a crash in the Italian Alps.

The aircraft went down in Lombardy, in Italy's north, throwing the pilot out onto its wing.

It took 20 army personnel, firefighters and cave and mountain rescuers 90  minutes to get both the pilot and his passenger to safety.

Image: Marco Confortola / Facebook

While both were shaken up, neither were seriously injured.

Footage posted to Facebook shows how rescue crews shimmied along the chairlift in an effort to reach the stranded pilot.

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“They really were very, very lucky. It was a miraculous escape," Walter Milan, spokesperson for the National Cave and Mountain Rescue unit said, according to the Mirror.

"The plane crashed into the cables but fortunately, it became stuck rather than crashing to the ground.

Image: Marco Confortola / Facebook

“The rescue operation was very tricky. The rescuers had to very carefully manoeuvre along the cables very, very slowly. We didn’t want the cables moving any more than necessary".

An investigation has been launched into the crash.