Teenager Eats Pet Horse After It Died, Calls It 'The Best Meat'

A horse owner received death threats after cooking and eating her former pet, dressing the dish with mango and chilli, after the steed was put down after a long illness.

Pia Olden, 18, wrote on Facebook that she decided to eat her stallion -- Drifting Speed -- after it was put down in 2018 following a long illness. Since then, parts of its body have been stored in a freezer in the family home.

In the now-deleted post, Olden shared a photo of her horse while it was alive, alongside an image of horse meat in a baking dish, which was prepared with chilli and mango.

She said that having grown up on a farm had informed her decision; if she was going to eat horse meat, it was going to be from her own steed.

Pia Olden's Facebook post. Image: Facebook/ Pia Olden.

“My chef heart said I had to,” Olden, an aspiring cook, wrote in the post.

Olden told Norwegian news website Dagbladet that she expected her post to be controversial, but didn't anticipate receiving death threats.

She said one of the images she posted was later shared on a Facebook humour page, attracting hundreds of comments.

"Many wrote that I deserve to be killed, I too, when I eat my own horse," Olden told Dagbladet.

"One wrote that I should lose the right to have animals."

Pia is a horse rider as well as an aspiring chef. Image: Facebook/ Pia Olden.

Despite all the backlash, Olden defended her right to eat her horse, saying it was her way of honouring Drifting Speed.

"It was some of the best meat we have eaten," she said.

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