Alleged Drug Traffickers Rescue Police After Boat Crash

A group of alleged drug traffickers have lent a helping hand to the police officers trying to arrest them.

Maritime police were attempting to intercept a boat on the coast of Costa del Sol in southern Spain on Friday morning.

The four passengers on the boat were believed to be transporting 80 bundles of hashish weighing about three tonnes.

Image: Guardia Civil

However during the chase, the officers lost control of their boat and collided with the suspects, the Guardia Civil said.

A helicopter from the Malaga Air Unit saw the incident, and alerted the suspects that the three officers were in distress in the water.

"The crew of the helicopter of the Malaga Air Unit, upon realising the imminent danger to the civil guards, required the occupants of the other vessel to support them by public address, being rescued by them and being all unharmed," the police said.

Image: Guardia Civil

Despite being rescued by the men, the police still arrested them and charged them with drug trafficking.