The Horror Moment A Taxi Runs Down Protesters In Hong Kong

WARNING: Graphic Details.

Violent protests on the streets of Hong Kong took a horror turn on Sunday when a taxi mowed down dozens of demonstrators.

The red taxi cab was surrounded by a sea of protesters on a wide Hong Kong street when the vehicle abruptly turned left into the swam of people. The car mowed down dozens of people, and quickly came to stop just metres from where it took off.

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The event is one of the most violent captured on film since the protests started 18 weeks ago.

Emergency crews work to help those injured in the incident. Image: Getty

A video on social media shows the incident as it unfolded. Other images show what appeared to be the aftermath of the event, with some protesters appearing injured.

Images of a man who was kicked and beaten next to the taxi by protesters have also emerged. His bloodied and beaten body lay on the ground until emergency crews arrived, where he was found unconscious.

A number of other people were taken to hospital to be treated for injuries of varying severity.

Protesters hit the cab that crashed through the crowd. Image: Getty

Protests in Hong Kong started in opposition to the Extradition Law Amendment Bill, which aimed to see some criminals sent to China to be tried under their laws.

Initially, the protests were peaceful, but in recent weeks violent clashes between police and demonstrators have become more commonplace.

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Most recently, laws banning people from wearing face masks at public gatherings were passed under Chief Executive Carrie Lam's emergency powers. Two marches in Kowloon and Hong Kong were held in opposition to this, and people continued to wear face coverings as a way of defying government authority.

Violent protests continue despite emergency laws. Image: Getty Images.

The rallies on Sunday were not permitted by the government, and police used tear gas, pepper spray and force to manage the crowd of thousands.

Hong Kong has come to a standstill since Friday as organised demonstrations took over public spaces and even caused the entire subway system to be shut down.

Some pro-democracy government officials claim Lam's emergency powers have been enforced unlawfully and have taken the matter to the High Court for review.

A hearing is scheduled for October 20.

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