Clever Hairstyle Defies Hong Kong's Controversial Mask Ban

Protesters in Hong Kong have devised a clever new hairstyle to defy the government's controversial new ban on face masks.

Journalist Cherie Chan posted a tutorial video on social media showing the people of Hong Kong how to plait their hair over their faces to avoid arrest and potential jail time.

Notching up more than 400,000 views on Twitter within 48 hours, the end result has been described as a "gentle balance between channelling your inner princess and psycho ex-girlfriend".

"Boys can put huge goggles and fake moustache and beard," one user suggested. "Doesn't count as a mask, does it?"

"Hong Kong creativity knows no bounds," said a second.

A number of others posted photos of themselves with a similar style.

The clever hairstyle has added some much-needed amusement to what has been a violent few months in Hong Kong.

This weekend was one of the most violent yet.

Protestors defied government orders. Image: Willie Siau via Getty

Angry demonstrators braved the pouring rain and flooded streets in the heart of the city, spurred on by the mask ban.

Protesters from all walks of life marched with umbrellas in hand. Many defied orders and wore surgical masks, while others donned Guy Fawkes masks and even paper bags.

"Wearing a mask is not a crime," the crowd chanted.

By late-afternoon on Sunday, the peaceful protest became violent with some demonstrators throwing bricks and petrol bombs at police officers, while others trashed subway stations -- smashing windows and even setting fire to a lift.

Police responded with tear gas.

The protest quickly turned violent. Photo: Getty

Chief executive Carri Lam invoked the colonial-era emergency laws on Friday following months of protests. The ruling was upheld by the High Court the following day.

Under the strict new laws, protesters can be jailed for up to one year if they're caught demonstrating with their faces covered.

Police made a number of arrests under the rules, detaining dozens of protesters by tying their wrists with cable, before unmasking their faces and leading them to an awaiting bus.

Officers arrested a number of masked protestors in Hong Kong Image: Aidan Marzo via Getty

“The anti-mask law just fuels our anger and more will people come on to the street,” Lee, a masked university student, told Reuters on Sunday.

“We are not afraid of the new law, we will continue fighting. We will fight for righteousness. I put on the mask to tell the government that I’m not afraid of tyranny.”

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A taxi driver was badly beaten in Sham Shui Po after reportedly driving his car into a crowd, injuring at least one person.

The protests have become increasingly violent over the months. On Tuesday, police shot a protester with a live bullet at close range.

On Friday, a 14-year-old boy was shot in the leg at Yuen Long, west of the city.

The protesters are angry about what they see as increasing interference by Beijing.