Baby Dies After Accidentally Being Thrown Into Ceiling Fan, Stepfather Arrested

A six-month-old baby has died after her stepfather accidentally threw her into a ceiling fan.

The tragic accident took place in the Argentinian city of Caucete, in San Juan on Sunday afternoon, local media reports.

Jesus Michel Zalazar, 26, was playing with his stepdaughter Guiliana del Valle Sotoy when he threw her up into the air and failed to realise the ceiling fan was on.

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The baby girl suffered a severe blow to the head. She was rushed to the hospital with a traumatic brain injury, but sadly passed away.

Zalazar has been arrested and charged with manslaughter.

He is being detained for his own protection, Police Commissioner Gregoria Diaz told a local radio station, because relatives of Guiliana's mother wanted to "lynch" him in retaliation.

Diaz said the baby died from negligence, not malicious intent, and the magistrate would be informed of the circumstances.