Woman Escorted From Stage By Gigi Hadid After Storming Chanel Runway

A woman channelling her inner supermodel hopped onto the runway during Chanel's Paris Fashion Week show on Tuesday and tried to strut her stuff among the models.

Her runway walk didn't last long --model Gigi Hadid swiftly removed her from the catwalk.

The prankster has been identified as comedian Marie S'Infiltre, whose real name is Marie Benoliel, according to BBC News.

Benoliel leaped onto the runway. Image: Twitter/mona.

Benoliel attended the fashion show wearing a houndstooth jacket and skirt -- an outfit that fit right in with Chanel's plaid heavy collection -- and some might have missed her jumping out of the audience and slipping in between two models on the catwalk.

Benoliel made her way down most of the long, multi-level runway when suddenly a fashion foil confronted her: Gigi Hadid.

Benoliel as she was confronted by Hadid. Image: Twitter/Lilian Chan.

The supermodel was seen corralling Benoliel and leading her off the runway. Several cameras captured Benoliel's spontaneous strut and Hadid putting an end to the antic. Hadid looked unimpressed by the comedian.

BBC News reported that it appeared Benoliel planned the prank as part of a publicity stunt. "We are not going to make a drama out of it," a Chanel spokeswoman told the publication.

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Hadid led Benoliel off the stage. Image: Twitter/Lilian Chan.

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Although Benoliel was trying to get attention for the stunt, Hadid started receiving praise online and began trending on Twitter, according to BBC.