Elderly Couple Shell Out $18K For Luxury Airbnb That Didn't Exist

A dream holiday has been ruined for an elderly couple who shelled out AU$18,000 for a luxury penthouse in Ibiza that didn't exist.

Ian and Denise Feltham were expecting a hot tub, super-king sized bed, a Turkish bath, marble-decked private terrace and a private elevator all to themselves for two weeks, but when they arrived at the Las Boas complex, they were told the room simply didn't exist.

"When we turned up, the receptionist said, ‘There isn’t such a thing as the VIP Penthouse in Las Boas’," Ian, 75, told The Times.

“A gentleman who lived in the building said they get tourists turning up all the time and that it’s a very big problem.”

According to the couple, the property looked so legitimate it even had 37 positive reviews giving the Penthouse a four-star rating.

Ian and Denise Feltham finally got a refund. Photo: Facebook

A host, Lux Travel Collective, had even seemed helpful and friendly, telling the couple three-weeks prior to their trip that they would "make sure the property and the host is ready to receive you".

But after failing to hear back from the host as the booked edged closer, Ian began to get suspicious and contacted Airbnb, demanding a refund.

The website, according to Ian, said it would only consider the complaint if the couple arrived and the property didn't exist.

Sure enough, they arrived on September 16 but were turned away, forced to find a roof over their heads 40 minutes away.

Las Boas Luxury Apartment. Photo: TopIbizaVIP via Instagram

According to the times, the property will still up for hire until the publication contacted the company last week.

Airbnb has since apologised for "dropping the ball".

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“Our handling of this issue fell below our usual high standards and we have reached out to the guest to apologise and refund them in full. We have suspended the listing while we investigate and are continuing to work with the guest to make things right,” they said.

The couple has since been refunded.