Couple Orders Clothes, Receives 25,000 Ecstasy Pills Instead

An unlucky couple were shocked to discover 25,000 ecstasy tablets had been delivered to the their house.

The couple, aged in their late 50s, from Linz, Austria, were expecting a delivery of clothes when they were sent an unexpected package instead.

While eating breakfast, the husband and wife unwrapped the packages that had been delivered from the Netherlands.

The first package contained dresses as they had expected, but the second package was filled with an unknown product.

Photo: Upper Austria Police

"The originally planned cozy breakfast was quickly over and the horror was great," Upper Austria Police said.

The wife initially believed the tablets were "decorative stones" until her husband quickly realised they were something much more sinister.

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The couple took the package back to the post office, who informed the police.

Inside the package were about 25,000 ecstasy tablets, worth about €500,000 (AU$810,000).

Because the package was intended to be sent to an address in Scotland, U.K. authorities have been involved in the investigation.

The intended recipient of the package has been arrested in Scotland.

Dutch authorities have also opened an investigation into the origins of the parcel.