Passenger Opens Emergency Exit Because It Was 'Too Stuffy'

A passenger waiting for her flight to take off opened the emergency exit because the cabin was "too stuffy".

The woman was travelling from Quanzhou in China's Fujian province to Wuhan, in Hubei.

Her seat on board Xiamen Airlines Flight 8215 was situated next to an emergency exit, which she had repeatedly been warned not to touch.

However, she opened the door anyway in order to let some "fresh air" in, complaining the cabin was "too stuffy".

Temperatures soared to 32 degrees in Quanzhou that day, according to AccuWeather.

Photo: China Press.

The flight was delayed by one hour, local media reports, and the woman was taken away by police afterwards.

Last year, a man in China who opened an emergency exit for similar reasons was reportedly detained for 15 days and fined 70,000 yuan (AU $14,700) to cover the airline's costs.

The man, a 25-year-old known only by his surname Chen, said he had no idea he was opening an emergency exit.

"Because it was so stuffy, so hot on the plane, I just pushed down on the window handle beside me," he told local media. "When the door fell out, I panicked."