The Most Viral Sign From The #ClimateStrike Is Already Merch

You can already buy the most viral sign from Friday's climate strike -- but some purchases are more environmentally conscious than others.

Photos and videos of the sign 'Leonardo DiCaprio's Girlfriends Deserve A Future' were all over social media following the climate strike, in which more than four million people were estimated to take part.

One video was viewed more than two million times, while huge Instagram accounts including Celeste Barber and The Fat Jewish sharing photos of the sign to their millions of followers. It's also popped up on any number of 'best signs from the climate strike' articles.

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The sign is actually the work of London-based graphic designer Harriet Richardson, 24, one of several she made for Friday's strike.

"I utilised my unshakeable copy-writing skills for the protest tomorrow," she said on Instagram before the strike.

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Others include similar pithy protest statements in the same bold font, including 'I Don't Want To Live On Mars With Elon Musk' and 'Is It Just Me, Or Is It Hot In Here?'.

But it was the gentle Leonardo dig -- a reference to the fact that the 44-year-old environmentally conscious film star rarely dates a woman over the age of 25 -- that went viral.

Seeking to capitalise on the attention for the global good, Richardson put her print for sale on Ebay for £5, with all profit "going to climate change organisations such as Extinction Rebellion." She's also making it free to download as of Monday -- "Power to the people!"

However, the slogan has also popped up on fast-fashion websites already, which Richardson says she doesn't condone.

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There's probably a complicated question to ask here about a climate change protest sign being turned into merch, but if it serves as a daily reminder to actively work on dismantling structures swiftly making our only planet uninhabitable, then it can't be that terrible, right?

Richardson says she'll be announcing how to download her print on her Instagram soon: @hats_richardson.

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