Watch Harry Potter Jump Off A Cliff In Wild Paragliding Competition

Harry Potter, a giant yellow duck and a storm trooper were some of the brave pilots running off a cliff edge in the French Alps.

The skies above the small village of Saint-Hilaire in France were filled with colourful, costumer-clad paragliders for an annual carnival.

Around 130 pilots from France and beyond flew paragliders during the 'Icarnaval' carnival, a contest awarding pilots with a best costume prize.

A pilot dressed as Harry Potter takes to the skies. Photo: Reuters

"This is always a great feeling," said Carla, a pilot from Italy.

"We share an emotion with everybody, with people from France, with people coming from the other side of the hemisphere, so yes, we share a very beautiful and intense project."

The small village has been hosting a regular paragliding contest, the Icare Cup, since the 1970s.

Ducking out to attend the paragliding carnival. Photo: Reuters

In 1987, the "dresr contest" or "Icarnaval" was introduced alongside the main event for entertainment which attracts pilots including Simon Dugae from Montreal.

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"I am from Quebec, I had to cross the ocean to come here and it is the best here. When I'm here I'm happy, I share this with everybody," he said.

Ships of the desert find a new means of transport. Photo: Reuters

Today marks the end of the three-day festival and organisers estimated around 100,000 spectators attended.

Watch the highlights from the carnival in the video above to see what other unusual costumers took flight.