What Appeared To Be A Fatal Car Crash Was Something Much More Sinister

A man has been charged with the murder of his wife, as police investigate the deaths of four children.

Police had responded to a car crash near Brantley County, Georgia on Sunday when they made they gruesome discovery of a woman’s body.

Michael Wayne Jones Jr, the driver of the vehicle, told the officers his wife, Casei Jones was dead in the back seat. 

However, Casei, from Summerfield, Florida, had not been killed in the crash, as police realised she had been dead for weeks. 

Michael Wayne Jones Jr. Photo: Marion County Sheriff's Office

Michael was arrested and during questioning he admitted the bodies of four children, including two of his own, were located in nearby Charlton County.

“As a father, as a parent, it breaks my heart,” Billy Woods, Marion County Sheriff, said at a news conference Monday. 

“As a sheriff, it angers me to no end.”

Casei and the four children had been listed as ‘Missing Endangered’ by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday. 

Family and friends had last seen Casei and the children about six weeks earlier.

Casei Jones. Photo: Marion County Sheriff's Office

Casei’s mother believed she had been talking to her electronically, but police now believe this may not have been her, Sargeant Paul Bloom said in a press conference. 

The mother then contacted police worried Michael had harmed them, police documents show.

An officer travelled to Casei's home in Summerfield, to look for the mother and four children, but the house was vacant.

Police said the house had been vacant for a few weeks and a "foul odour of decomposition" was smelled.

The four children. Photo: Marion County Sheriff's Office

It is believed Michael killed the family at the Summerfield address, before transporting them across state lines to Georgia where they were found.

He has been charged with the murder of Casei and police will continue to investigate the deaths of the children.