Reporter Tried To Reach Out To Dead Guy 'For Comment', Did Not Hear Back

Ah live TV, there’s nothing quite like it.

US journalist Sara Welch was reporting live for local Los Angeles news channel KLTA, on a fatal pursuit in the South California city of Anaheim, when she had a rather unfortunate slip of the tongue.

In the midst of a live cross in front of the Anaheim police station, Welch tells audiences she tried to contact the man who was killed during the incident.

"We tried to reach out to the man who died in this pursuit, they were unavailable for comment," Welch reports back live to the anchor at the news desk.

It's unclear exactly when this footage aired, but a clip of the video was shared on Twitter by journalist Yasher Ali on Monday, and has gone viral in a matter of hours.

The video saw dozens comment sympathising with Welch for her accidental blunder, while others jokingly praised her for trying to go the extra mile for her story.

Others questioned whether she may have tried to use an ouija board to get in touch with the deceased.

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Welch has been a reporter for decades and her journalism work has even earned her an Emmy nomination, according to the KLTA website.

She was also in New York and reporting from lower Manhattan on the day of the 9/11 attacks.

While it was surely just a slip of the tongue, there’s no doubt Welch is in the running for some of the all-time best live cross bloopers.