Cheerleader Went To Gym, Took Selfie Hours After Allegedly Killing Newborn

Photos of cheerleader celebrating her weight loss hours after she allegedly killed her newborn have been shown during her murder trial.

Brooke Skylar Richardson, 20, is accused of giving birth to a baby girl, killing her, and burying the burnt body in the family's backyard in May 2017.

Richardson, from Ohio, claims she gave birth in secret in the family bathroom, but the baby was stillborn and she buried her in a panic.

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During her murder trial on Tuesday, the court was shown photos of Richardson had sent her mother, Kim, from the gym just hours after the alleged killing took place.

Brooke Skylar Richardson took a gym selfie hours after allegedly killing her baby. Photo: Court TV

The mirror selfie of Richardson posing with her stomach on show was sent to her mum claiming her "belly was back".

"I'm literally speachless (sic) with how happy am," the text message to her mother read.

“I am literally so excited now just for dinner to wear something cute yayyyy my belly is back and now I'm takin (sic) this opportunity to make it amazing.”

Brooke Skylar Richardson attending her prom days before she gave birth.

The gym photo was compared to another taken two days before Richardson gave birth before she went to prom.

Richardson wore a red sequinned dress that clearly shows the outline of a much fuller belly than the gym selfie taken days later.

Kim Richardson has always maintained she did not know her daughter was pregnant.

Brooke Skylar Richardson walks into the courthouse with her mother, Kim Richardson. Photo: AAP

The court was also shown texts between mother and daughter in relation to Richardson's weight.

Doctors had sent Kim an email about her daughter's pregnancy, but Richardson insisted it was a mistake.

"(sic) I meant like I figured it was probably just a mistake your scaring me. Please still have a good day mommy im sorry if u r stressed now but i wouldnt  be getting smaller if i was and i wouldnt be on birth control i love u plz dont be mad at me or sad it was just an accident please lets have a good day its prom week (sic)," the message read.

Brooke Skylar Richardson. Photo: Family Handout

Ten days after the birth, Richardson sent a message to her mother claiming to have lost 20 pounds (9.07 kilograms).

'I could cry, u (sic) literally [are] my hero,' her mum replied.

Richardson's father, Scott, testified on Tuesday, also claimed that he did not know about the pregnancy.

He said Richardson had a history of eating disorders, and it was not unusual for her weight to fluctuate.

"We were in shock. We didn't know she was pregnant, we had struggled with an eating disorder," Scott told the court.

"We would have taken [the baby] into the family. I think we would have been in shock and we probably would have been angry."

The two photos used to compare Richardson's fluctuating weight. Photo: Court TV

A photo of Richardson in a bikini was compared to a photo taken within six months showed how much her weight fluctuated in a short amount of time as her mum pressured her to stay slim.

Kim Richardson did not give evidence on Tuesday. The trial continues.