Vegan Activists Accused Of 'Killing About 100 Rabbits'

Vegan activists who raided a farm in Spain and rescued 16 rabbits are being accused of actually killing about 100 of the animals as a result according to reports.

About 50 people broke into a farm near Osona, in Catalonia, last Sunday.

One of the activists, who goes by the name 'Mythical Mia' on Instagram, claimed the group saved about 16 rabbits and left the farm peacefully, before farmers allegedly fired shots at them.

"This is what happened to us. I'm covered in blood," the woman, with blooded cuts on her face, said in a video posted on Instagram that shows broken class on a car seat.

"This is what the farmers have done. They shot through our window and chased us down the motorway."

One of the activists, who goes by 'Mythical Mia' on Instagram, has been posting about the mission. Photo: Instagram / Mythical.Mia

But according to local reports, the rescue mission turned sour. Several outlets have cited a veterinarian report claiming the group's actions have led to the deaths of around 100 rabbits.

According to the report, the majority of the rabbits that were taken were either pregnant or nursing, meaning their offspring were abandoned and had to be euthanised.

It also alleges five other pregnant rabbits died due to the raid.

'Mythical Mia' has been posting about the campaign on Instagram, however her account is now listed as private.

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Speaking to The Independent, she denied claims the group's actions had caused the mass deaths.

"This is false information with no evidence to back it up," she said.

"We were inside that farm for less than five minutes and we only touched the rabbits who we rescued, who are all doing fine now, despite being very sick when rescued due to the filthy living conditions of that farm."

She said the group did not leave any babies without their mothers, and had a professional vet onsite during the rescue.

"I would like to see the official documentation, vet report and post mortem of any of these claims since I strongly believe that if any of the mothers were ‘forced to have abortions’ (as the farm alleged), then it was definitely due to the horrific conditions they were already living in when we arrived, that thanks to us, have now been exposed."