Banksy Artwork Mysteriously Disappears From Paris Street

An artwork by British graffiti artist Banksy has been stolen in Paris.

The mural -- which featured the artist's trademark rat holding a knife -- had been painted by Banksy last year near the art gallery, Centre Pompidou.

It is thought Banksy chose to do the artwork in reference to the May 1968 uprising in France, that saw civil unrest sweep through the nation.

But on Sunday night the rat artwork disappeared, seemingly cut out of the wall where it had lived for over a year.

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Local police have opened an investigation into the theft.

The Centre Pompidou released a statement about the missing artwork.

"We are sad to inform you that Banksy's work of art facing our building on Rue Beaubourg was stolen during the night," it said.

"Although this piece was not part of our collection, we were proud that the artist had chosen the side of our building to create it, as an homage to the events of May '68."

It's not the first time an artwork by Banksy has gone missing in Paris.

As part of the same series at the Centre Pompidou, the British artist painted a tribute on the emergency exit door of the Bataclan Theatre to honour the 90 people killed in the November 2015 terrorist attack.

But early this year -- the painting, which depicted a crying woman -- was stolen by thieves in a van. It is still not known what happened to the artwork.

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That Bataclan said it felt a deep sense of "indignation" when the artwork was taken.

“The work of Banksy, a symbol of contemplation belonging to all -- residents, Parisians and citizens of the world -- has been taken from us,” the Bataclan said in a Twitter post.

Other murals in the series painted across Paris in June 2018 have also been vandalised.