At Least Seven Killed After Gunman Opens Fire In Texas

At least seven people have been killed and more than 20 injured in a shooting rampage in Texas, as police confirm the suspect has been shot dead. 

Police said the gunman opened fire at random after his car was stopped by police near the city of Odessa on Saturday afternoon (local time).

The man -- identified as being white and in his 30s -- was driving a gold Honda when he was pulled over but later abandoned it and hijacked a postal delivery truck, which he used to continue his rampage.

Police confirmed the gunman was later shot and killed at an Odessa cinema complex.

"I would tell people to still be cautious, stay in their residences if possible. We do believe we have the threat contained but I can't be 100 percent positive," Odessa police chief Michael Gerke said.

He said at least seven people were killed -- including the gunman -- and 21 injured, in the rampage. Some of the injured are believed to be in serious conditions.

At least three law enforcement officers were among the injured.

Officers initially believed there were two shooting suspects who were driving in separate vehicles.

Earlier on Saturday, Midland Police Department said one suspect was believed to be at the Cinergy complex and another driving on the  Loop 250 highway.

"I think the issue with that, you had the original vehicle, and then you had the mail truck," Gerke said.

"At one point we didn't know that that was the same person. That is confirmed now. Same person."

People were warned to "get of the road and use extreme caution".

The Texas Department Of Public Safety urged residents to avoid major highways in the area, including the Interstate 20.

In a tweet, U.S. President Donald Trump said he had been briefed on the shootings.

Vice President Mike Pence commended law enforcement for their "swift and courageous response" to the shooting, saying the president will continue to monitor the situation.

The state of Texas has been the scene of numerous mass shootings in recent years.

Four weeks ago,  22 people were killed at a shopping centre in El Paso -- about four hours or 450 kilometres west of Odessa.

Hours later, a gunman opened fire in a nightclub district in Dayton, Ohio, killing nine.

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On Sunday, hours after the latest shooting, a string of new laws came into effect in Texas which ease restrictions on guns.

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