Cadbury Is Trying To Solve Racism With Chocolate 'Unity' Bar

In a move that no-one asked for, Cadbury have released a new edition of their chocolate block, that's all about promoting diversity.

Dubbed the "Unity Bar". the block contains four different types of chocolate, ranging: white, milk, dark and something called "blended."

The limited-edition bar was released in India to celebrate the nation's Independence Day.

"Let's celebrate a country that stands united in its diversity," Cadbury said on Twitter.

The ad first appeared more than a fortnight ago, but Twitter has had a field day over Cadbury's tweet this week, with countless comments appearing to mock the confectionery giant for trying to "solve racism".

"Where were you when Cadbury ended racism," one person asked, tongue-in-cheek.

"Mark this day in your calendars as the day racism has officially been ended!!! Thank you @CadburyWorld," another said.

"Stay out of politics," another Twitter user suggested, while another added: "just give me milk chocolate dummies."

Even more people questioned why the colours -- if promoting diversity -- were still segregated and with the white chocolate being advertised "on top" of the other colours.

"Where's the orange chocolate to represent ginger people," one Twitter user asked.

But still, others called out those complaining, with one user commenting that "I find it nice that there finally exists a chocolate bar with 4 kinds of chocolate in one bar."

"Seriously can't everyone just enjoy a bar of chocolate," another tweeted.

Others said they enjoyed the bar, with many reporting it had gone out of stock quickly.

Cadbury hasn't responded directly to the criticism but told customers the product had sold-out "thanks to love and support from customers like to you."