Hugh Grant Tells Boris Johnson To F**K Off

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to suspend Parliament has been met with angry backlash.

Thousands of people took to the streets of London on Thursday morning, following news the Queen had approved plans to halt parliament for five weeks in September and October.

The green light ultimately limits parliament's ability to derail Johnson's Brexit plan ahead of the October 31 exit date.

Anti-Brexit MP's had plans to seek another extension to the deadline and hold a second referendum, should negotiations with the EU fail to result in a deal.

Now, they have just days to engineer the required legislation before the Queen-approved ban comes into effect. The timing also leaves little scope for a possible vote of no confidence.

Boris Johnson successfully sought the Queen's approval. Photo: Getty Images.

Johnson denies that he is trying to ensure his divorce plan goes ahead, insisting there will be "ample time" to "debate Brexit and other issues".

The move has caused a lot of anger in London, with thousands taking to the streets claiming their democracy was under threat.

Some waved anti-Brexit placards and EU flags as they marched from Parliament towards Downing Street, with protestors chanting "Save our democracy, stop the coup!" and "no one voted for Boris".

The hashtag: Stop The Coup, was quick to trend on Twitter.

“We’re here to stand against Boris Johnson’s coup," Amelia Womack, deputy leader of The Green Party told The Guardian.

"We have a representative democracy and, by suspending parliament, you are removing people’s democratic right,” she continued.

The demonstration won't be the last, with a series of other protests planned in major cities across the UK over the coming days.

Meanwhile, an online petition on the government's website demanding the suspension be lifted cracked one million signatures within hours.

Photo: Guy Smallman/Getty
Photo: Guy Smallman/Getty
Photo: Guy Smallman/Getty

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Celebrities have also fired up, with none as angry as actor Hugh Grant.

"You will not f**k with my children's future," he wrote.

"You will not destroy the freedoms my grandfather fought two world wars to defend. F**k off you over-promoted rubber bath toy.

"Britain is revolted by you and your little gang of masturbatory prefects".

But the move has been celebrated by some. Among Johnson's supporters is U.S. President Donald Trump, who claimed that "Boris is exactly what the U.K. has been looking for and will prove to be a 'great one'".

A number of high profile figures, including former Prime Minister John Major, have threatened to go to the courts to keep parliament going.

But it's not possible to mount a legal challenge to the Queen's right to exercise her personal prerogative powers, according to the BBC.

It's understood opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has asked to meet with the Queen to raise his concerns.