Rhino 1 - Hatchback 0

A tourist has filmed the moment a rhino flipped a car carrying a staff member multiple times at a zoo in Germany.

A jeep-load of safari tourists were left shaken after a rhinoceros charged an employee's car at Serengeti Park in North Germany, according to local media.

Witnesses told Bild, a German news outlet, it appeared the staffer was attempting to herd the animal into the stables when it charged her vehicle.

However, it's unclear what caused the animal to attack the small, striped car.

Give way to those on the left. Photo: Einstein Gamer

According to Save The Rhino,  male white rhinos can weigh up to 2,500 kilograms as adults, almost twice as much as a small hatchback car.

One witness captured the entire encounter on camera, which showed the 30-year-old rhino named Kusini ram the car with his horn and roll it multiple times.

Speaking to local press, a Serengeti Park spokesperson said the experienced employee is recovering from concussion and bruising but is determined to return to work.

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However, Kusini could be transferred to another facility that has more of a zoo environment rather than the safari-style of Serengeti Park.

The rhino has been at the park for less than two years and is not usually on public display, as he is being slowly integrated into the Park's rhino herd.

Rhinos are part of a breeding program at the safari attraction. Photo: Serengeti Park

On its website, the German wildlife park promises to revolutionise the zoo experience with an African safari experience.

The 220-hectare site is home to more than 1,500 wild animals, including white rhinos which are part of a breeding program.