Women Forcibly Removed From Bar After Barrage Of Transphobic Slurs

A criminal investigation has been opened after a group of transgender women were forcibly removed from a bar.

The women were celebrating their participation in the DTLA Proud Festival at Las Perlas Bar in Los Angeles on Saturday evening when they claim they started being harrassed.

"It all begun after a couple who where customers became very aggressive, calling transphobic slurs to all the people on our table," one of the women, Khloe Bienestar, wrote on Facebook.

"Things like 'you all are dudes' get out of here 'you f*ggots' you don’t belong here 'MEN' and the worst 'WE WILL COMEBACK AND KILL YOU!'"

Bienestar said the "biological" women were removed from the bar without being touched, while those who identified as transgender were physically grabbed and forced from the bar.

One woman appeared to be physically fighting a security guard. Photo: Facebook/ Khloe Bienestar

"At this point and in the chaos, security begun to remove the biological women without any force, and all of us from the community where carried out and thrown outside," she wrote.

There have been calls for the people in LA to boycott the Las Perlas bar after a video of what appears to show one of the women being removed from the club went viral on social media.

In the video, one woman appears to be engaging in a physical altercation with a member of security staff as he appears to be pushing her towards the door. She resists, saying she needs to get her shoe before she can leave.

Another woman appears to be roughly grabbed around the shoulders and the neck and removed from the bar. The footage shows many other people who were shouting and physically fighting with other people at the night spot.

The woman appeared to be held around the neck. Photo: Facebook/ Khloe Bienestar.

Beinestar said police have opened a hate crime investigation into the slurs directed at the transwomen. While she applauded this, she also said the experiences of her group on Saturday prove that going out at night still isn't safe for transgender people.

"I want to make sure our community is safe and careful in this vicinity since we have DTLA Proud going on," she said on Facebook.

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It is unclear if any of the women who were removed from the bar were injured.

The police investigation into the hate crime is ongoing.

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