93-Year-Old Woman Dies Of Broken Heart After Home Invasion

A woman who had her home burgled by three men pretending to be police officers has died of a broken heart. 

Betty Munroe, 93, was at her home in Northampton in England's East Midlands on June 11 when three men forced entry into her home with garden shears and told her they were police officers.

The trio then ransacked the home where Munroe had lived for 56 years, as she watched on helpless to stop them. The trio is believed to have stolen a range of items including her late husband's watch, her purse and bank cards, even a gold chain from around her neck.

Northamptonshire Police said Munroe's health deteriorated very quickly after the incident, where she suffered recurring nightmares, had trouble sleeping and was shaking uncontrollably. Eventually she was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD) as a result of the incident.

Betty died of a broken heart after her home was robbed. Photo: Facebook/Northamptonshire Police.

When her condition didn't improve, Munroe was taken to hospital where she was diagnosed with Takotsubo Syndrome or broken heart syndrome. Sadly, she passed away on Wednesday.

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The sudden decline in her health following the break and enter has deeply saddened Munroe's family.

"The distressing circumstances of our lovely mum's death have caused us so much sorrow," Munroe's family said in a statement obtained by The Telegraph in the UK.

"Before the burglary, she was happy and living independently in her home of 56 years ... The violent actions of these callous individuals robbed her not only of precious possessions, but of her sense of security and peace and the will to go on.”

Betty was taken to hospital for a health check-up. Photo: Facebook/Northamptonshire Police.

Takotsubo Syndrome, or Takotsubo ardiomyopathy, is a heart condition that usually develops after severe emotional or physical stress. In this condition, the heart's main pumping chamber changes shape, affecting the heart's ability to pump blood properly around the body.

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The name Takotsubo comes from the Japanese word 'Tako -Tsubo' which is a Japanese fishing pot used to catch an octopus. The shape of the heart as it pumps is said to resemble that of a fishing pot.

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