Lucky Escape: Bungee Cord Snaps On Slingshot Ride Seconds Before Launch

Two people are lucky to be alive after a bungee cord attached to a ride in Florida snapped seconds before they were launched into the air.

The passengers were strapped into the Vertical Accelerator ride at Cobra Adventure Park on Saturday when they ran into trouble.

The video shows the duo ready to be launched into the air at 160 kmh as an employee made final preparations.

But, suddenly, the rope holding the ride suddenly shreds to pieces.

The operator flees and takes cover as the men remain strapped into their seat.

Photo: Krissy Hurst via Facebook

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"Holy sh*t," said a woman behind the camera.

“We just dodged death,” said another.

Thankfully no one was injured in the incident.

The footage was uploaded to Facebook and has since gone viral with many claiming they had 'never' seen anything like it before.

A representative for the amusement park is yet to comment on the incident.