Farmer Performs Life-Saving CPR On Goat

They say farmers will do anything for their animals -- including perform mouth-to-mouth.

While many may have left a seemingly lifeless goat for dead, a Jamaican farmer refused to give up, performing CPR on his animal to bring it back to life.

Video of the heroic moment, shared on Reddit, showed the farmer herding a trip of goats through the streets of Jamaica when he realised one of the animals was struggling.

The farmer spotted the goat struggling to breathe. Photo: PetTheDamnDog

The goat had become tangled in a rope connecting the goats together, and was being dragged along by its neck.

Quickly chasing the group down, the farmer cut the strangulating ropes, but the goat remained motionless.

Cheered on by a group of on lookers, he didn’t hesitate to cover the goat’s mouth with his own and start CPR. He put the animal on its side, raised its head, and gave it two enormous breaths before firmly rubbing its chest.

Without hesitation, the farmer performed CPR on the goat. Photo: PetTheDamnDog

The sound of success was a shockingly loud bleat from the revived goat. It required just one more breath from the farmer before being able to move unassisted.

While performing CPR on an animal may seem extreme, these exceptional animal husbandry skills are vital in Jamaica, a country working to improve its goat production.

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Jamaica only produces about 16 percent of the goat meat it consumes, the Pulitzer Centre reporter, so the country is striving to become more self-sufficient.

It's a challenging task, as the small country simply doesn’t have space to plant feed for their animals. The island is just 235 kilometres long and 84 kilometres wide.

Goat farming is important to Jamaica. Photo: Universal Images Group, Getty Images

The Small Ruminants Association of Jamaica said farmers pay up to 900 Jamaican dollars (about AU $10) for one bale of hay to feed their animals.

With this determination to see Jamaica progress and the money invested into their animals, it’s no wonder a farmer was willing to give his goat the kiss of life.