Vets Remove 32 Rubber Ducks From Dog's Stomach

A bulldog has had emergency surgery after it wolfed down a whopping 32 rubber ducks.

Nong Aom from Thailand had purchased 50 of the yellow bath toys to decorate her pool but was astonished one morning when she woke to find more than half of them missing.

After a little investigation, she guessed her dog, named Devil, had gobbled up the ducks as a midnight snack. Her suspicions were confirmed when Devil reportedly coughed up a half-chewed plastic duck and then vomited up five more.

Rubber ducks are not eatable. Photo: Getty

Nong rushed Devil to the vet where they immediately x-rayed him.

The Bangkok Post reports that no less than 32 rubber ducks were found to be sitting inside his belly -- that's enough to make anyone sick. Emergency surgery followed where the nearly three dozen ducks were removed.

The surgery took more than an hour, but after the anesthetic wore off, Devil was back to his energetic self.

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Vets and Devil's owner alike are thankful the canine is in good health following the ideal and are baffled by how he managed to ingest so many rubber ducks in just one sitting.

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