Man Catches Commercial Flight With More Pilots Than Passengers

A traveller has scored a private jet experience for the price of an economy ticket when he became the sole passenger on a flight from Colorado to Utah in the United States.

Film Director Vincent Peone snapped pictures along the way to capture the unusual flight to Salt Lake City from Aspen.

Vincent Peone scored a luxury flight experience. Photo: Vincent Peone

Staff loaded extra weight into the plane to compensate for the lack of passengers, and performed all normal flight duties including a personalised pre-takeoff safety announcement, which presumably didn't include the bit about putting your oxygen mask over your own mouth before helping others.

Weights were needed to compensate for the lack of people. Photo: Vincent Peone

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While the cockpit is normally off-limits, Peone was also treated to an audience with the pilots before take-off.

Staff, including the pilots, gave Peone special treatment. Photo: Vincent Peone

Peone speculated the plane was rescheduled and also collecting passengers from Salt Lake City, which might explain why it was so empty.