Father Accused Of Seeking 'Fame' From Son's Alleged Murder Spree

The brother of murdered American woman Chynna Deese has broken his silence about the death of his sister and her boyfriend Lucas Fowler.

Speaking to Nine's Today Show from New Orleans on Tuesday morning, Stetson Deese responded to the apology the father of suspected killer Bryer Schmegelsky issued in the wake of the murders.

While he said he and the rest of his family have accepted Alan Schmegelsky's condolences, he was sceptical of his motivations for coming forward in such a public way.

"We forgive him," Stetson said.

Chynna Deese and Lucas Fowler were killed while holidaying in Canada. Photo: Supplied.

"We have mercy that he raised a son that potentially killed Chynna and Lucas and Leonard Dyck but he seems to be going for a little bit of fame and stuff like that and we are not really sure what ... I mean he is getting things off his chest, writing a book and going on 60 Minutes, so that is good."

Stetson also said his family has accepted that parents are unable to always control the actions of their children and that he's not to blame.

"I don't have anything against him. People's kids can turn out any way and sometimes there is nothing you can do about the kids you raise ... you can't always blame the parents," Stetson said.

Alan Schmegelsky. Photo: Nine/60 Minutes.

The Today interview was held soon after Canadian Police confirmed the two teen fugitives Kam McLeod, 19, and Bryer Schmegelsky, 18 died by suicide. Today Show host Deborah Knight informed a shocked and reflective Stetson of this news live on air.

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"Police have confirmed that is was death by suicide as a result of the autopsy. That was confirmation from Canadian police this morning," Knight said.

"Suicide ... There could be more involved, there could be accomplices but our family and a lot of us ... believe they were the real suspects of the crime," Stetson responded.

When it comes to remembering his sister and her partner Lucas, Stetson said they were each other's first love and that "they were perfectly matched for each other".

Stetson Deese on the Today Show. Photo: Nine.

Stetson said the most difficult thing for his wider family is trying to understand why such nice people were allegedly killed in such a brutal way.

"It is just hard to accept that such good people can be killed for whatever reason," Stetson said.

"We do not know why and more and more may be discovered but I don't think we will ever truly know why."

Chynna's family held a private memorial for her and about 500 people attended to celebrate her life. Stetson said each of Chynna's siblings spoke of their kind and loving sister who was taken from them too early.

Chynna Deese and Lucas Fowler. Photo: Supplied.

"I will remember her as an adventurer. I was originally the adventurer in the family and I thought she took after me but she was more of an adventurer than I was. She worked all over the globe, worked and travelled."

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Canadian Police confirmed on Tuesday that they located two firearms with the bodies of McLeod and Schmegelsky. The weapons are currently subject to forensic testing where authorities will determine if those exact guns are linked to the deaths of Fowler, Deese and Dyck.

The police investigation into the murders is still active so they may be able to provide closure to the victim's family as more information comes to light.

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