Russian Man Tries To Pat Wild Bear Cub, Gets Hand Bitten

A man has learnt the hard way why one shouldn’t ‘poke the bear’, especially when that bear is hungry.

A motorist is lucky to have escaped serious injury after being bitten and dragged by a bear cub that mistook his hand for a snack.

The moment was captured on camera by a group travelling through Yamal Peninsula in Russia and shared on Reddit.

Attempting to pat a wild bear. What could go wrong? Photo: Empire

It’s believed the two bears were orphaned and had been wandering the road for up to two weeks, begging for food from passing traffic.

Thought to be siblings, the pair approached the man who had pulled onto the side of the road and gotten out of his vehicle.

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The man was seemingly attempting to pat one of the cubs when one rose onto its hind legs to sniff and nuzzle the man’s hand.

However, the tender moment quickly turned as the cub latched onto the unsuspecting man’s hand and attempted to drag him into the nearby brush.

The two cubs are thought to be orphaned siblings. Photo: Empire

After a short struggle, the man managed to free his hand and raced back to the safety of his vehicle before driving away.

The incident serves as a warning to take care around wild animals and avoid feeding them.