Watch The Terrifying Moment A Tornado Rips Through This City

Terrified motorists have captured the moment a rare tornado tore through Luxembourg, ripping roofs of buildings and flinging debris against their car.

A rare tornado injured 19 people, two of them severely, as unseasonal storms hit northern Europe.

The tornado in the southwestern Luxembourg communities of Pettingen and Kaerjeng left a path of destruction that made up to 100 homes uninhabitable, local media reported Saturday.

The tornado was strong enough to lift a roof 100m into the air. Photo: Associated Press

Debris and damaged cars were left strewn around the area, while at least four power poles were destroyed.

A local resident of Petingen was in her car on the side of the road when the storm hit and managed to film unbelievable scenes.

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Amid debris and rubble, a complete roof of a house was torn and flung into the air less than 100 metres in front of her.

Motorists were protected from flying debris by their windscreen. Photo: Associated Press

Rubble hit the car and damaged the window, but she remained unharmed.