'Mum Is Here': Voice Recordings From Missing Teen's Mother Played In Malaysian Jungle

The search for missing teenager Nora Quoirin in the depths of the Malaysian forest has entered its fifth day.

Police believe Nora, 15, is somewhere near the Dunsun resort in Seremban, about 40 miles south of Kuala Lumpur, where she vanished from on Sunday.

Authorities have started playing megaphone recordings of Nora's mother Meabh Quoirin's voice in the rainforest search area in the hope that the teenager will be drawn towards the sound.

In the recording, Meabh is heard calling her daughter's name.

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Nora and her mother. Photo: Twitter/ Aisling Agnew.

"Nora darling, I love you. Mum is here," Meabh says in the recording according to Malaysia newspaper, the New Straits Times.

Nora was reported missing on Sunday morning when her parents Meabh and Sebastien woke in their hotel room to find her bed empty and bedroom windows wide open. The family had arrived in Malaysia from London for a two-week holiday the night before.

Malaysian police were initially treating the search as a missing person case, but now they have confirmed they are unable to rule out other, possibly criminal, elements to Nora's disappearance.

But, Nora's family have long maintained that the teenager, who has special needs, would not have ventured from her room alone.

Nora has special needs and is missing. Photo: Facebook/ Tosh Zhang.

In a statement obtained by the BBC, Nora's family said she "never goes anywhere by herself" and there was "no reason to believe she wandered off and is lost".

"She looks younger [than 15], she is not capable of taking care of herself, and she won't understand what is going on," the statement said.

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Members of Nora's family have also released an emotional video, appealing to the public for help to find her.

In the video, Nora's aunt Éadaoin Agnew chokes back tears as she told the public the family "remain hopeful" that the teenager will be found.

Agnew also said it had been an “extremely traumatic time for the whole family” but they had been “completely overwhelmed” by the support received from all over the world.

"Nora is still missing and she's very vulnerable and we need to do everything we can to bring her home," Agnew said.

Nora's family plea. Photo: RTE News.

Police have said Nora would have only been able to exit the cottage where she and her parents were staying in through the window. Authorities have released a photo of the window to the public and are reportedly investigating fingerprints found on the outside of the window.

The missing person poster for Nora. Photo: Getty Images.

“Our forensics team has gone through the entire building, and the investigation process is still ongoing,” Che Zakaria Othman said on Wednesday.

Police also confirmed on Wednesday that more than 20 people have been questioned in relation to the case.

Hundreds of police officers and volunteers, helicopters and a dog unit are involved in the search. Police have been distributing missing person signs in surrounding villages and questioning locals to determine if anyone may have sighted Nora.

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