With A Single Tweet Monica Lewinsky Brought The Internet To Its Knees

Monica Lewinsky has just been announced as a producer for the latest series of 'American Crime Story'. But it's her tweet that has raised eyebrows and been applauded by thousands.

Lewinsky is best known as the presidential intern that had an affair with then-president Bill Clinton, which led to impeachment proceedings and the infamous 'I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky' quote from a televised news conference when news broke of the affair.

Initially vilified as a home-wrecker, among other things, the Lewinksy affair played out to millions across the world, with her life left in tatters after being crucified by both the public and the media, who could not get enough of the scandal.

A photograph showing former White House intern Monica Lewinsky meeting President Bill Clinton at a White House function submitted as evidence in documents by the Starr investigation and released by the House Judiciary committee September 21, 1998.

Lewinsky had an affair with Clinton from 1995-97. Her 'friend' and co-worker Linda Tripp secretly recorded her conversations with Lewinsky, who then turned over the tapes during an investigation. News of the affair broke in 1998 and every detail of her life was laid bare. She had to hide at her mother's house.

In 2005 she moved to London after still not being able to escape the spotlight. The Lewinsky tide turned in 2014 when she wrote an essay for Vanity Fair magazine titled 'Shame and Survivor'.

Her life story was further changed thanks to Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby in her worldwide hit stand-up special Nanette, where Gadsby was critical of the way Lewinsky had been vilified and made a joke of in the wake of the affair while Clinton remained a respected politician revered by the public.

Since then, Lewinsky has made a slow and tempered return to the public eye, mainly coming out against bullying and being a strong advocate of women in all aspects of life.

So her recent cheeky tweet in response to journalist Lauren Duca has left the internet both surprised and applauding Lewinsky. 'I F**KING ADORE YOU' Duca wrote in response to Lewinsky's tweet, a sentiment echoed by thousands more.

Lewinsky's response to Lauren' Duca's tweet.

One woman tweeted to Lewinsky "You are a reminder to me every day that when we women own our story it gives us the power".

There's no doubt the upcoming 'American Crime Story' based on her book, will be an eye-opener for many who followed the scandal from the beginning.