This Rare Nintendo Game From The 1980s Just Sold For $13,000

It turns out nostalgia can be incredibly expensive.

A rare 1987 Nintendo game has sold for US$9,000 (AU$13,500) in an online auction on Tuesday.

The Rev-A game, 'Kid Icarus', is considered on one of the hardest Nintendo games to find in a sealed package, auction house Heritage Auctions said.

Photo: Heritage Auctions.

"Longtime collectors have even expressed to us that there are less than 10 sealed copies that are currently within collectors' hands," it said in the product description.

Scott Amos found it in his childhood home in Reno, Nevada, and believed it may have been a forgotten Christmas or birthday present.

The game was still in its packaging, and was sold along with the receipt from J.C Penney and the price tag that had been "skilfully" removed from the package.

Photo: Heritage Auctions.

The cult-classic game was originally released in Japan in 1986 in a floppy disc format for the Family Computer Disk System, under the name 'Myth of Light: The Mirror of Palutena'.

A cartridge-based version was released in 1987 under the name 'Kid Icarus' in Europe and North America.

Photo: Nintendo

The auction house said finding records for public sales of these types of games is difficult.

"We have heard firsthand of a private sale of a round seal of quality Rev-A variant that sold for US$12,000 (AU$17,800)," it said.

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Amos told ABC6 he plans on splitting the money with his sister, and they'll take their families to Walt Disney World -- another place where nostalgia is expensive.