Second Female Scientist Killed While Jogging In Greece

For the second time in weeks, the body of a female scientist has been found in Greece after she disappeared while exercising.

Natalie Christopher, 34, an astrophysicist from London, had been holidaying with her boyfriend on the island of Ikaria when she went missing on Monday morning.

She had gone for a run at 8am and spoke to her partner on the phone about 90 minutes later, assuring him she wasn't far away and not to worry.

Natalie Christopher. Photo: Getty

Hours later, when she failed to return, her partner contacted the police and by Wednesday a full-scale search was underway.

A military helicopter, the coast guard, police, firefighters and volunteers scoured the rocky cliffs for any trace of her.

Christopher's body was soon discovered at the bottom of a ravine about 20 metres deep.

Authorities and residents gather near the location where Natalie Christopher's body was found Photo: AP

It's understood a large rock, which may have been dislodged as she fell, crushed her.

Police confirmed the death on Twitter hours later.

Officers are now investigating whether she tripped and fell into the gap or if other factors were at play.

Local media reports that bloodstains were found on bedsheets used by the couple, those have been sent to a laboratory for DNA testing, according to The Sun.

The partner said the blotches were a  result of a nosebleed.

Meanwhile, staff at the hotel the couple were staying at told local media outlet Sigma Live, that they heard raised voices and saw a sheet on the lounge, suggesting the couple may have slept in separate beds.

The claims have not been confirmed by police but the partner remains in Greece while investigations continue.

Christopher's death comes just weeks after an American scientist was raped and murdered while jogging in Crete.

Suzanne Eaton
Police believe Eaton was suffocated to death. Photo: CBS News.

Suzanne Eaton, 59, had been attending a conference on the island when she went missing on July 2.

The molecular biologist's body was found on rocky terrain inside a World War Two bunker close to 10 kilometres where she was last seen, according to police.

A 27-year-old man was arrested and reportedly confessed to the killing.

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Suzanne Eaton
Police believe Eaton was abandoned in a cave. Photo: CBS News.

Police said in a statement that the accused was "motivated by sexual satisfaction" and was frustrated with his own life when he mowed her down.

Eaton was from California but living and working in Germany when she was killed.

She was the mother of two sons and was married to a British scientist.