Missing Girl's Parents Fear She Was Abducted From Hotel Room As She Slept

They arrived in Malaysia on the "holiday of a lifetime" on Saturday, but by Sunday, their vacation dream had turned into a nightmare.

When Nora Quoirin's parents woke in their hotel room at the Dusun Resort near the town of Seremban -- about 70 km south of the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur -- their daughter was gone.

Her bed was empty and the windows to her room were wide open.

Nora went missing on Sunday. Photo: Twitter/ Aisling Agnew.

Malaysian police have now widened their search for the missing 15-year-old from London, who has special needs.

Police are treating the case as a missing person incident but Nora's family fear she may have been abducted from her bed as she slept.

In a statement obtained by the BBC, Nora's family said she "never goes anywhere by herself" and there was "no reason to believe she wandered off and is lost".

Search and rescue teams work at an operation shelter near where the teenage girl went missing. Photo: AAP

Nora, the daughter of an Irish-French couple who have lived in the UK for 20 years, was in Malaysia with her parents for a two-week holiday. In their statement, her family said they hold grave concerns for her safety.

"She looks younger [than 15], she is not capable of taking care of herself, and she won't understand what is going on," the statement said.

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Nora has learning difficulties. Photo: Facebook/ Tosh Zhang.

Malaysia Police, however, say they have found no evidence that Nora was abducted.

“She may just be lost,” police chief Mohamad Mat Yusop told reporters, adding that the disappearance was being handled as a case of a missing person.

Police are searching areas in the forest for Nora. Photo: Getty Images.

Nearly 200 people are searching for Nora, as well as a helicopter and dog units. The search area has also been extended into areas of tropical forest around the resort and to a nearby river.

Police have been distributing missing person signs in surrounding villages and questioning locals to determine if anyone may have sighted Nora.

Missing signs for Nora. Photo: Getty Images.

Earlier, the Lucie Blackman Trust, a British charity supporting people in crisis abroad, said the matter was being investigated as both a missing person case and an abduction case, citing discussions with Nora’s family.

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