Man Who Threw Fridge Off Cliff Ordered To Drag It Back Up

Spanish Police have forced a man to retrieve a fridge that he threw down a rocky cliff face.

The moment the man threw the fridge down the hill in Almeria, in southeast Spain, was filmed by another person as they both appeared to be joking about recycling.

"We're going to recycle it," the man can be heard saying in Spanish in the video.

"How many twists and turns has it done?"

The man with the fridge. Photo: Twitter/AUGC Guardia Civil.

The Guardia Civil became aware of the original video where the fridge tumbled rapidly through the dust and rumble towards the base of the hill.

They then tracked down the man who 'recycled' his fridge and had a perfect punishment in mind.

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The fridge as it rumbled down the hill. Photo: Twitter/AUGC Guardia Civil.

A video of the man doubled over as he hauls the fridge up the hill with the help of a sturdy rope was posted to the Police Twitter page on August 1. The man's jokey demeanor from the first video has changed dramatically as he struggles to maneuver the heavy appliance to the summit.

Police ordered the man to drag the fridge back up the cliff face so that he was able to recycle it properly. He was also slapped with a 45,000 Euro (AUD $74,500) fine for his actions.

The man was ordered to drag the fridge back up the hill. Photo: Twitter/AUGC Guardia Civil.

It appears the bizarre incident wasn't one of a kind. Guardia Civil also posted a video of a man discarding a washing machine in a similar way and say they are investigating it as a separate incident.

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Man who appears to have thrown a washing machine down a hill. Photo: Twitter/AUGC Guardia Civil.

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