Teen Who Allegedly Lied About Gang Rape Forced To Sign Confession: Report

A 19-year-old British student who allegedly admitted to falsely claiming 12 men gang-raped her while on holiday in Cyrpus has hit back with her own explosive version of events, according to reports.

The teenager, who cannot be identified, told police she was gang-raped by 12 Irseli men in a hotel room in Ayia Napa on July 17. The men were arrested and spent nine days in prison until the woman allegedly revealed she had fabricated the story.

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The teenager covered her face as she left court in late July. Photo: Reuters.

She told police she created the story because she was annoyed at some of the men, who she claims, filmed themselves while having consensual sex with her.

Now the teenager -- who faces a year in prison if found guilty of making the false claims against the men -- has reportedly said Cyrpus police dictated her confession and forced her to sign it.

She also claimes she was denied access to a lawyer and pressured to withdraw her compliant about the 12 men by detectives.

The 12 Israeli tourists were arrested in July and later released. Photo: Getty Images.

The 19-year-old reportedly only signed the confession statement due to exhaustion after being at the police station for eight hours.

According to The Sun, who obtained the exclusive information, none of the police interviews the woman mentioned in her fresh claims were recorded. The publication also revealed that British barrister Michael Polak and member of the campaign group Justice Abroad has taken up her case.

The teenager appeared in court on July 30 after she admitted she had falsified the rape claims.

Photos from the day show her leaving the court with a jacket over her head and a police officer guiding her into a waiting car. The teenager's mother was also reportedly with her during the hearing.

The British teenager left the courthouse on July 30 surrounded by media and police. Photo: Reuters.

The 12 men flew back to Tel Aviv in Israel after they were released from prison.  Five of the 12 were initially released after there was no DNA evidence linking them to the crime. The final seven were freed after the woman changed her version of events.

During the ordeal, the men -- the youngest just 15 years of age -- maintained their innocence. At the time of their arrest, some of the men told The Jerusalem Post of their 'brutal' treatment by police.

"The police hit us, they broke our noses, and the girl is lying,” the Israeli suspects told the outlet through a lawyer.

There has been no official statement made by police regarding the new claims from the British teenager.

The teenager remains in custody.

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