Shocking Video Shows Police Restrain, Mock Unarmed Man As He Dies

Warning: This story contains video that may be distressing for some viewers.

For the first time, the public is seeing exactly how an unarmed man died while in the custody of Dallas Police in 2016.

Newly-released body camera video shows Tony Timpa begging for help as Dallas Police officers restrained him for 14 minutes.

Timpa called 911 from outside a Dallas adult movie store, saying he was afraid and off his medication. Less than an hour later, he was dead.

Photo: CBS via Dallas Police bodycam

“You’re going to kill me,” Timpa could be heard repeatedly saying on the video.

He had already been handcuffed by private security officers when police arrived.

Timpa, 32, had cocaine in his system at the time, according to the autopsy.

Officers pinned him down for 14 minutes and tied his feet together.

The video shows him becoming more incoherent, before he loses consciousness. He never threatened to hurt the officers.

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CBS 11 spoke with Geoff Henly, attorney for Timpa’s family, on Wednesday.

Henley said officers had no reason to use that kind of restraint for that long.

“No, Tony Timpa shouldn’t have died that night. He called 911 and he called 911 hoping to go back into some inpatient facility,” Henley said.

In 2017, three Dallas Police officers were indicted for deadly conduct related to this incident.

But in March this year, Dallas County District Attorney John Cruezot dropped the misdemeanour charges. All three officers are back on the job.

Dallas Police have not yet commented to the video.