This Flying Husky Is The Goodest Of Good Boys

Falling to earth from 1000 metres would frighten most people, but not for this cool pup.

Nawad, the Siberian Husky, was taken on a thrilling ride by his owner Vikash Tyagi last month.

Tyagi, with Nawad strapped firmly to himself, parachuted from more than 1000 metres in the air, above the mountains of Manali, in the India state of Himachal Pradesh.

Photo: huskyindia0

A video of the jump posted to social media shows Nawad calmly sitting in his owners lap as they fell to the ground with an instructor.

Chilled out Nawad seems to be taking in the view, as Tyagi and the instructor take turns filming the experience.

In the post, Tyagi claims Nawad is the first paragliding dog in India.

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Nawad is a star on Tik Tok and Instagram, with his owners, Tyahi and his wife Himshi, posting hundred videos for their almost 400,000 followers.

The Tyagis adopted Nawad, now 18 months old, last year.