Someone Just Ate 17 Metres Of Stinging Nettles To 'Win' The World Championships

Competitive eating is a popular pastime, but we're not too sure about eating something that leaves your tongue black and in pain.

The annual World Stinging Nettle Eating Championships were held in Dorset, UK, over the weekend.

Tony Jeyes made his way through 17.7 metres of the prickly plant to take out the championship.

Tony Jeyes. Photo: Getty

Linda Rogers won the women's category, eating 14 metres worth, and said the win was because of her unique technique.

"I had a nice glass of pear and apple cider which I dunked the rolled up leaves in to to make them more moist and easier to go down," she said after the competition.

Linda Rogers. Photo: Getty

The hour-long competition sees keen eaters given two foot (61 centimetres) stalks of nettles to munch their way through.

At the end of the hour, the person who has eaten the most is crowned the winner. Although we're not sure 'winner' is the correct term to use.

When touched, the plant makes skin feel as though it is being stung by tiny insects. Those that eat it aren't just subjected to the pain, but are left with a blackened tongue as well.

Photo: Getty

Watching on was Phil Thorne (yes, that is his real name), who holds the record for the event, having made his way through 31 metres of stinging nettles. He did not take part in this year's competition.

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The competition has been held at The Bottle Inn since the 1980s and is thought to have come about after two local farmers argued over who grew the longest nettle stalk.

It is claimed one of the farmers boasted he would eat the nettle on any stalk longer than his.

Photo: Getty

The competition morphed over time, and this year's was the 23rd edition of an event that has seen competitors from around the world, including Australia, take part.