Giant 500-Kilogram Dinosaur Bone Uncovered From 50-Tonne Sauropod

That's a bloody big bone.

The 500-kilogram bone is believed to be from the Jurassic era, over 140 million years old, researchers from the National History Museum of Paris said.

The two-metre-long thigh bone was found at a palaeontological site near Châteauneuf-sur- Charente, south western France.

Maxime Lasseron inspects the femur. Photo: George Gobet/AFP

It was found in a thick layer of clay earlier this week. Another large pelvic bone was also found nearby.

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“This is a major discovery,” Ronan Allain, a paleontologist at the Museum told Reuters.

“I was especially amazed by the state of preservation of that femur.”

Photo: George Gobet/AFP

The excellent condition of the thigh bone has delighted researchers, Allain said.

“We can see the insertions of muscles and tendons, scars,” he said.

“This is a very rare find as large pieces tend to collapse on themselves, to fragment.”

A giant pelvic bone was also found. Photo: George Gobet/ AFP

The bone is thought to be from a sauropod, a herbivorous dinosaur that weighed 40 to 50 tonnes and had long necks and tails.

The excavation site it was found on, Angeac-Charente, has produced fossils from some of the largest animals known to have ever lived.

It is also one of the most productive excavations sites in the world.

Since 2010, more than 7500 fossils have been found there from 40 different species.

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