All The Amusing Ways Europeans Are Keeping Cool In The Heatwave

This European heatwave is serious, and people are having to take drastic action to look after themselves in the hot weather.

All-time heat records have been broken in numerous countries this week including:

  • the highest-ever temperature in Germany (41.5 degrees celsius)
  • the highest-ever temperature in the Netherlands (40.7)
  • the highest-ever temperature in Belgium (40.2)
  • the highest-ever temperature in Paris (42.6)
Hot enough to fry an oeuf. Photo: Getty

This is the second major heatwave to strike Europe this summer, and drought is now affecting many parts.

Fields normally bursting with mid-summer green are wilting with yellow grass and drying crops. The human toll is still to be counted.

A corn crop wilting in Germany this week. Photo: Getty

But for now, most Europeans are doing their best just to get through it. Some of the ways they're doing this are quite amusing, especially to us Aussies accustomed to extreme heat.

Yeah, this works.

Uh, so does this, as long as nobody shuts the door.

A trip to the beach can do the trick. A shame many northern European beaches look like this:

Life's a mudflat in northern Germany. Photo: Getty

Or this:

A so-called beach somewhere in England. Photo: Getty.

The beach chairs are a little unusual on the Baltic Sea island of Usedom, which is shared by Germany and Poland. Anyone seen the water?

This beach is Heringsdorf, which is today's silly place name. Photo: Getty

Of course, not everyone could be at the beach. These people in Frankfurt kept cool with... of course! New frying pans! Why didn't we think of that?

These people are pan fried. (Photo by Arne Dedert/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Others have used tools more traditionally associated with rain to keep the sun's rays at bay.

The Netherlands. Land of unregulated drugs. A fact which may or may not be related to this image. Photo: Getty

Fountains! Of course people are bathing in fountains. And if you're gonna rock a fountain, it might as well be the Trocadero Fountain in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower.

Photo: Getty

In London, even the statues have crashed out.

And an overheated Londoner has crashed out in sympathy. Photo: Getty

Of course, British people being British -- and therefore largely unaccustomed to heat -- they occasionally forget about shade. This gentleman would be as red as a lobster by now, you'd imagine.

Photo: Getty

So is climate change to blame for this unprecedented heat?

Meteorologists will tell you it's not generally wise to attribute one weather event to a broader trend -- even when you're talking about a weather event as severe and savage as this.

However, as the the UK's national weather service said this week, "climate change has increased the likelihood and severity of heatwave episodes across Europe".

June was the hottest month ever recorded across the globe, and it's worth noting the only scientists who dispute that global warming is caused by humans are those employed by the fossil fuel industry.