Do You Have The Appetite To Become A Competitive Eater?

Competitive eater Matt Stonie may have just set a new noodle eating record but there’re plenty of other eating records you can get your teeth into.

Stonie consumed three bulk packets of spicy noodles, raising the bar for the Korean Fire Noodle Challenge which typically sees just one packet of noodles eaten.

The challenge began as a spicy food feat and has been a hot success. Stonie surprised even himself when he consumed three bulk packets of noodles: that’s 15 individual packets!

Tucking into almost 3.5 kilograms of noodles. Photo: Matt Stonie

He downed the whopping 7,950 calories in under 10 minutes, aided by just three cups of water, admitting the heat made swallowing difficult.

A heavyweight in competitive eating for nine years, Stonie has an array of records under a surprisingly lean belt.

In 2015 he put away 10 bowls of pasta in just eight minutes at a Las Vegas competition.

Fellow American, Joey Chestnut, holds the record for the most hot dogs eaten in 10 minutes, wolfing down 74 at the annual Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Competitors were allowed one condiment so Kobayashi chose mayonnaise. Photo: Guinness World Records

These competitions are about speed, as was the Guinness World Record feat to eat the most hamburgers in three minutes.

Japan’s Takeru Kobayashi scoffed 12 hamburgers, each with a touch of mayonnaise and a patty weighing almost 114 grams.

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The three-minute limit also applied to chicken nuggets, which saw American Kevin Strahle smash the world record by eating 642.1 grams worth.

While a common event in the United States, the popularity of competitive eating is increasing among Australians.

Isaac Harding-Davis thrashed the sushi eating record. Photo: Isaac H-D

A big name on the scene is Isaac Harding-Davis, who travelled to Japan to win the Niji Sushi Bar’s annual sushi contest.

He ate more than a kilo of sushi in just two minutes and 24 seconds, which was almost three times faster than the previous record.

Harding-Davis also beat fellow Australian Jesse Freeman’s world record for eating the most Cannoli in 30 seconds, which was six and is now eight.

Jesse Freeman couldn't defend his world record title of eating six Cannoli in 30 seconds. Photo: Studio 10

It’s not only men who have this appetite for competition.

Molly Schuyler was the first-ever competitor to eat more than 500 wings at the Philadelphia Wing Bowl, consuming 501 wings in 14 minutes.

The first competitor to eat more than 500 wings. Photo: @WIPWingBowl

Whether it’s considered gluttonous or victorious, competitive eaters say their work is all about pushing mental and physical barriers.

Anyone have a sudden hankering for hot dogs?