Wandering Wallaby Escapes From Irish Zoo, Found In Nearby Village

Locals in an Irish village had a surprise visit from an Australian native, as a wallaby wandered into their town.

Aptly named Dora the Explorer, the wallaby vanished from the Araglin Animal Sanctuary in Kilworth, County Cork, while the owners were on holiday.

Andrew Boyle had left the sanctuary in the care of someone else, only to return on Thursday and realised Dora had escaped, he told The Irish Times.

Dora the wallaby. Photo: Araglin Animal Sanctuary

A local resident, Eoin Hislop, contacted the sanctuary when he found Dora in his backyard and watched over her until Boyle could collect the wayward animal.

"Dora is home safe and sound at 6.30 this morning thanks to Eoin Hislop who rang me and waited with her until I arrived thank you Eoin and thank you all," the sanctuary posted on its Facebook page.

An appeal earlier in the week by Boyle had warned locals that Dora had escaped.

"As you are most likely aware there is a wallaby on the loose," he posted on the Sanctuary's Facebook.

"It is very important not to freak it out as stress is a killer."

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Dora had been spotted by a local resident Neil Prendeville, who filmed her hopping through the town and sent the video to local radio station REDFM.

In a cheeky public appeal local authorities, Fermoy Gardai, shared the video to alert residents.

"We’ve received a few enquiries about this today and, yes, we can confirm the sighting of a small kangaroo (or is it a wallaby?) near Kilworth, Co. Cork this morning near Mountain Barracks," it said.

"We don’t know why he was there -- maybe he skipped bail. Local Gardaí [police] went to the area but our antipodean friend had already hopped it. The footage is a bit blurry, so conspiracy theorists might think it was actually an alien or a, wait for it … mars-upial."

It's not the first time the sanctuary has lost a wallaby. In May 2017, Boyle thanked the police for catching another escaped marsupial.

"A big thank you to all the Gardai today for their help catching an escaped wallaby," he said on Facebook.

"I could not have done it without them. All ended well."