German Tourists Kicked Out Of Venice For Making Coffee

Officials in Venice, Italy have booted two German tourists from the city after they were spotted making coffee at the foot of the famed Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal.

The man and woman from Berlin, aged 32 and 35, were making coffee over a portable open-flame stove, when locals reported them to police.

The pair were taken to police headquarters, fined a combined 950 euros, and issued a removal order -- the city’s 40th.

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A statement from the City of Venice said the tourists were “sitting comfortably on the steps” of the bridge while brewing their coffee, “regardless of the rules of public decorum and respect for the City.”

(Image: City of Venice)

Venice has recently cracked down on ‘disrespectful’ behaviour in its public spaces, introducing laws against acts including picnicking and going shirtless in certain areas.

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The mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, said Venice “must be respected”.

“Those impolite people who think they come to the city and do what they want must understand that,” he said.

“Thanks to the women and men of the local police, they will be taken, sanctioned, and removed.”

(Image: City of Venice)

He said tourists in violation of public orders will also be reported to their home countries.

“From now on, we will also report their names to the embassies and consulates of origin,” he said.

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“Our city will always be open and welcoming to all those who want to come and visit it, but at the same time we will be uncompromising with those who think they will come and do what they want.”

(Image: City of Venice)

Earlier this year, Venice introduced a fee of between two and 10 euros for short-stay tourists.  Local residents have long complained about the some 30 million visitors that 'overrun' Venice each year.