Escaped Emu Evading Capture, Confusing Residents In North Carolina Town

This emu is pretty far from home, evading capture for at least three weeks as it moves through a confused town in North Carolina.

It was first seen on June 27 roaming the streets of Orange County by a local resident John Brennan.

“Not something you see every day,” Brennan told CBS.

“I didn’t know what to make of it.”

Emu captured on July 6. Photo: Twitter/ Chris Williams

The emu was then filmed on July 6 in Chatham County, nearly 30 kilometres away, before it disappeared into the woods.

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Orange County Animal Services have been trying to capture the flightless bird for the past three weeks.

“He fled when they arrived on scene so he’s on the move," said Orange County Animal Services Communications Specialist Tenille Fox.

Emu captured on July 6. Photo: Twitter/ Chris Williams

The emu is becoming a local celebrity, and is believed to be moving south from the border of the two counties.

“It’s become a little bit of a sensation, the sightings,” Fox said.

“It’s been kind of an experience. I’ve never dealt with an emu on the loose before."

Authorities do not know where the emu escaped from.