His Eye Was Itchy Then Doctors Found A Tick Living In His Eye

As far as bad news in the doctor's office goes, "there's a parasite living in your eyeball" is certainly up there.

Just ask Chris Prater, an electrical worker who was unlucky enough to find himself in such a situation.

After leaving a job site in July, the Kentucky man initially thought nothing of his increasingly itchy eye.

Prater had been on a tree-cutting job and assumed a piece of sawdust must have made its way in there.

"The thing of it is, I really didn't want to go to the doctor. I figured if it was something it would come out on its own," he told WYMT news.

Completely aware of the bugs he often encounters during his work, Prater said he doused himself in insect repellent every day but admitted -- and rightly so -- "you can't spray your eyes".

After repeatedly failing to flush out his eye, Prater finally saw an optometrist who broke the news -- a deer tick had made its way into his cornea.

After numbing Prater's eye, the doctor uses tweezers to pull the parasite out.

"Once he grabbed ahold of it and pulled it off, the tick made a, like a little popping sound when it came off of my eye," Prater said.

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Prater's safety manager issued a warning on his Facebook, sharing photos of the tick still lodged in his worker's eyeball.

"Keep in mind he had sprayed down with tick repellent this morning before going out to get the tree off the wire," Nathan Frisby wrote.

"This looked like a speck of wood and I would never had thought of it being a deer tick!"

The post has been shared more than 130,000 times.